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What We Offer

Open World’s summer workshops explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) fields of the future.

Our curriculums have been developed to give both students and their parents and guardians everything they want out of a day camp experience.

Why Students Love Us

Our workshops are fun and engaging 

We’re confident you’ll develop relevant skills during your workshop, but each course is designed to be fun and engaging, first and foremost. If you’ve had a good time, learned something new, and are excited to learn more, we’ve done our job.  

Our workshops are relevant to the real world

The projects you’ll be working on are hands on, often using the same tools and programs real-world professionals are using themselves.

Our workshops are student-centered

Our goal for every workshop is to support your passion for STEAM. The objective is to dive deeper into something you’re excited about and make sure you’re getting the most out of the experience. 



Why Parents and Guardians Love Us

Our workshops are 100% in person

Our workshops are developed as fully in-person experiences to give students the freedom to explore their interests outside of the home. Your student will be cared for onsite at Open World locations and have access to our optional, Extended Day Program.

Our workshops are developed and taught by the best

Every workshop has been rigorously designed and developed by a team of curriculum developers and faculty advisors backed by the resources of DigiPen Institute of Technology. 

Our workshops look to the future

Each course is designed around STEAM fields of the future to help prepare your student with the skills they may need in college, their career, and life in the modern world. Students will receive a certificate from DigiPen Institute of Technology on completion of the workshop.