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Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops

Open World’s 2023 Summer Workshops will be running from June 26 to August 11. For a consolidated list of workshops and their dates, see the Register Now page once workshop registration is live in January 2023.

Teacher with three students working on vehicles

The Explorers Program, Ages 5-8

Open World’s Explorers Program, for students ages 5-8, offers summer workshops that introduce kids to some of their first experiences in the arts, sciences, and technology. For early learners, our goal is to make sure students are having fun, staying engaged with the material, and finding out just how big the world of STEAM can be. The workshops below may be what ignites a passion leading to a lifetime of learning and creating.

Game map, book and dice on a table

The Adventurers Program, Ages 9-13

Open World’s Adventurers Program, for students ages 9-13, offers summer workshops that begin to become more specialized and concentrated in practical approaches to STEAM fields. These intermediate courses come at just the right time in students’ developmental progress, connecting theory and lessons to hands-on projects that lay the groundwork for the next step toward secondary school, college, and beyond.


The Innovators Program, Ages 14-18

Open World’s Innovators Program, for students ages 14-18, offer summer workshops that demonstrate many of the tools and techniques used by professionals in STEAM fields. Students at this stage are allowed to let their creativity and passion show through in their projects, and many of the skills they learn here can be useful for college, the workplace, and beyond. Special workshops in this program include our Studio courses, which allow students to pursue and develop a project unique to their passion.

Teacher with students working at a computer together

Masterclasses, Ages 14-18

Open World’s Masterclasses are special workshops for Innovators (ages 14-18), taught and developed by expert DigiPen faculty members or creative professionals from the industry. These instructors deftly demonstrate advanced techniques, skills, and equipment, and are the perfect match for students with a determined drive and passion for the subject matter.